How to Give Oral Medications Via Needleless Syringe

Deep appreciation is given to Jen Bailey and her glider Riker for allowing us to use these pictures.

Step 1: Fill needleless syringe with medication to prescribed level. Then, wrap glider securely in a towel or large fleece blanket, holding glider firmly in one hand along collarbone as shown. Pick up syringe of medication with other hand and hold as shown.







Step 2: Insert syringe into the side of the glider's mouth, as far back as possible, placing syringe tip over top of tongue as shown.







Step 3: Depress syringe plunger making sure medication goes into the back of the glider's mouth. Do not allow the glider to shake their head afterwards, which may necessitate holding the glider firmly but gently within the towel for about a minute. Gently rub the glider's nose with your fingertip which will cause the glider to lick their nose & swallow the medication. Follow up with a treat such as a yogurt drop or a mealworm to help the glider get rid of the medicinal taste in their mouth. This will also reassure the glider that everything is okay & you still love them...

If you feel your glider is sick, please seek immediate veterinary assistance. The information on this page and in the correlating articles is for general educational purposes and is not intended to replace proper vet care. Please do not try to self-diagnose or self-treat your glider.