No Sew Trampoline: Step-by-Step Instructions

Thanks to Chris (GC's glidrz5) for this great toy idea!

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • -2- 14" Squares Fleece
  • -3- 12" Lengths Plastic Chain (1/2" -or- 3/4" diameter)
  • -1- Sharpie Pen
  • -1- Swivel Hook with Keyring
  • -1- Diving Ring or Metal Ring (approx. 6" diameter)
  • -1- Pair Sewing Scissors


Step 2: Align -2- fleece squares together - rotated 90 degrees to each other so that they are stretchy in opposite directions. Then place ring at center of top square. Carefully use Sharpie pen to outline circumference of ring.
Step 3: Cut a circle about 4" out from drawn circle through both layers of fleece.
Step 4: Cut fringe around circumference of circle to within 1/4" of drawn circle.
Step 5: Carefully fold back top layer of fleece and lay ring between two pieces at center of circle.
Step 6: Carefully fold top layer of fleece back over ring, making sure that pairs of fringes are matched between top & bottom layers, keeping ring at center of circle. Count number of matched pairs of fringe (in my example there are 28 pairs of fringe). Divide number of pairs of fringe by 3 - this will tell you where to place the pieces of chain for making the hanger (in my example, 28/3 = ~ 9).
Step 7: Start tying each pair of fringes using double-knots, stopping after you've counted off the first 1/3 of fringe pairs.
Step 8: Slip last link of -1- 12" length of Plastic Chain onto top fringe of next pair, then tie a double knot around the link, securing link in place.
Step 9: Continue to tie knots into matched fringe pairs, placing remaining -2- lengths of Plastic Chain at proper intervals until all matched fringe pairs are knotted.
Step 10: Carefully rotate each chain length to opposite side of trampoline.
Step 11: Turn entire trampoline over so that the non-marked piece of fleece is on the "top" side.
Step 12: Slip end link of each length of Plastic Chain onto keyring.
Step 13: Using swivel hook, attach completed No Sew Trampoline to glider's cage & enjoy!

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