Step 1:

Making Your Own No-Sew Shelf Hammock: Step-by-Step

1)  Materials Needed:

-2- rectangles fleece (cut 6" wider & longer than desired finished size)

-1- pair sewing scissors (extra sharp)

-2- pairs swivel clasps

Step 2

2)  Lay fleece rectangles together with "right" sides facing out. Cut 3" square off of each corner.

Step 3

3)  Cut fringes along all four sides through both layers of fleece. Each fringe should be about 1/2" wide x 3" long.

Step 4

4) Starting with one end, tie a double-knot into each pair of overlapping fringes.

Step 5

5) Slide one swivel clasp onto top fringe on one side.

Step 6

6) Tie double knot, knotting clasp into place. Repeat for each corner of hammock.

Step 7

7) Tie double-knots into rest of fringes along edges of hammock.

Step 8

8) Use swivel clasps to hang your completed No-Sew Shelf Hammock in your glider's cage!

Thank you!

A special Thank You! to Chris H. (Glider Central's gldrz5) for suggesting this wonderful project!

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