No Sew Ring Toy Step-by-Step Instructions

With Many Thanks to Robin (GC's TnR) for this idea!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Sharp, sewing scissors

Plastic diving ring (can be purchased at WalMart in packages of 6)

Plastic baby link

Length of fleece, cut to 1.5 times the circumference of the diving ring and 7" wide

Step 2: Fold length of fleece in half lengthwise, wrong side together
Step 3: Cut 1/2" x 3" fringes along length of fleece, leaving about 1" along folded edge uncut
Step 4: Open length of fleece, wrong side up, and place plastic diving ring inside at one end, as shown at right
Step 5: Matching pairs of fringes together, tie double-knots around plastic diving ring, starting at one end
Step 6: Continue tying double-knots along length of fleece, wrapping around plastic diving ring
Step 7: Once all fringe pairs are tied, gently roll knots towards outside of ring, as shown
Step 8: Slip plastic baby link around plastic diving ring. Use baby link to hang toy from top of your glider's cage and enjoy!

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