Making Your Own No Sew Rept Gear: Step-by-Step

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 1) Materials Needed:

  • Fleece (10" of width for each pole you intend to cover)
  • Sewing Scissors (extra sharp)
  • 3/4" or 1" Upholstery Rings (available by the knitting needles                   @ WalMart)

2) Measure the length of the pole you want to cover, then add 6". Cut a 10" wide strip of fleece to that length.

3) Fold the strip of fleece in half, wrong sides together, lengthwise so that your strip is now 5" wide, double layered.


4) Along length of strip, cut fringes that are 2/3" wide x 3" long, (leaving folded edge uncut).


5) Evenly space upholstery rings along the length of the fleece. (For long poles, use 5 rings; for short poles, use 3 rings.)


6) Tie each pair of fringes into a double knot, along the entire length of fleece, tying upholstery rings on as needed. 


7) Slip the tied No Sew Rept Gear onto the pole, then insert pole into the reptarium.

8) Repeat Steps 2 thru 7 above for remaining poles you wish to cover. 


 9) Voila! Your No Sew Rept Gear is ready to have your accessories hung on the various upholstery rings!

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