No Sew Mesh Shelf

I first saw this simple idea executed by Robin (GC's TnR) and she gave me permission to post it here for everyone's enjoyment! Thank you, Robin!!!


Step 1: Materials Needed:

  • Landware Cloth (with 1/2" mesh) cut to desired finished size
  • Fleece Strips 1" wide x 54" long (enough to finish project)
  • -4- Lanyard Hooks
  • Sewing Scissors


Step 2: Starting at one corner, weave fleece strip through mesh hole and then wrap around and weave through next hole (as shown), leaving a 3" fringe at the corner.
Step 3: Pull strip so that it's snug, but not tight, then continue on to next hole along edge.
Step 4: Continue wrapping fleece strip along edge of Landware Cloth until entire side is wrapped.
Step 5: Trim end of fleece strip at corner so that only a 3" fringe is left.
Step 6: Using another fleece strip, start to weave along next edge of Landware Cloth, making sure that the 3" fringes protrude from opposite sides of the cloth, as shown.
Step 7: Continue to weave along end of Landware Cloth, leaving a 3" fringe at the beginning and the end of the strip.
Step 8: Slip Lanyard Hook onto one fringe at each corner.
Step 9: Tie double-knot in pair of fringes at each corner, securing Lanyard Hooks into place.
Step 10: Attach shelf to cage bars using Lanyard Hooks and enjoy!

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