No Sew Corner Hammock:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Materials Needed

  - 1 - 12" Square Fleece

  - 1 - pair sewing scissors (sharp)

  - 3 - Lanyard Hooks -or- Swivel Clasps

Step 2: Fold fleece square in half diagonally, with "correct" side facing out.
Step 3: Cut 3" slit into folded edge of fleece on both ends.
Step 4: Cut 3" fringes along side, keeping fringe-cuts parallel with folded edge of fleece. Repeat for other side.
Step 5: Cut off triangle at third corner, allowing for tying off of corner.
Step 6: Leave a 1" gap of uncut fleece between the two sets of fringes at the inside corner.
Step 7: Tie a single knot in set of fringes along folded edge of hammock. Slip Lanyard Hook (or Swivel Clasp) onto one fringe, then tie double knot to secure in place. Repeat for opposite corner along folded edge.
Step 8: Tie double-knots into each pair of fringes along both sides EXCEPT for the two pairs at the inside corner.
Step 9: Tie a single knot into each set of fringes at inside corner.
Step 10: Slip Lanyard Hook (or Swivel Clasp) onto one of the upper fringes at the inside corner.
Step 11: Tie double-knots into both pairs of fringes at inside corner to secure hook into place.

Step 12: Attach No Sew Corner Hammock into corner of your glider's cage.


***Please note that if you would prefer a larger hammock, simply start with a larger square of fleece.***

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