No Sew Mesh Bridge

I don't know who originally came up with this idea. Many people have made these or a variation thereof...

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Landware Cloth cut to 10x20 squares (or 5"x10")
  • -20- fleece strips @ 3/4" x 12" (preferably cut with length in non-stretchy direction)
  • -2- plastic chains @ 16" long
  • -2- swivel hooks with keyrings


Step 2: Starting at one end of the Landware Cloth, weave one strip of fleece through the mesh, leaving a 3" fringe at each side
Step 3: Weave next strip of fleece through Landware Cloth starting from opposite side so that weaving alternates starting from bottom and top (as shown at right)
Step 4: Continue weaving fleece strips through Landware Cloth, alternating starting from top and bottom so that woven strips end up appearing as a honeycomb (as shown at left)
Step 5: Once all fleece strips have been woven, slip one end of one chain length onto one of the corner fringes
Step 6: Using next fringe, tie a double knot around chain link
Step 7: Continue to tie double knots along edge of Landware Cloth using pairs of fringes, leaving last pair so that next chain length can be attached
Step 8: Slip end of 2nd length of chain onto end fringe, then tie onto bridge using a double-knot
Step 9: Turn bridge 180 degrees so that untied edge is facing you. Then, doubling one length of chain in half, tie opposite end of chain onto bridge using a double-knot
Step 10: Tie pairs of fringes down entire length, doubling over and attaching chain at end, as shown at left
Step 11: Find center link of one of the doubled over chain lengths, then slip keyring with swivel hook onto link
Step 12: Attach 2nd keyring and swivel hook to other chain length

Step 13: Attach swivel hooks to cage bars and hang bridge in cage!

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