Happy Flapper Pouches

I originally designed this pouch when I was still taking my gliders to commercial pet expos with The Glider Initiative. So many people wanted to see my gliders, but it was stressful for them. With this pouch, I was able to open all 4 flaps so that the gliders could be seen without being taken out of the pouch. It then occurred to me that this would be an ideal pouch for breeders because checking on the joeys would be less stressful for the parents. Finally, it works great as an Open Environment (OE) pouch. Simply hang it by 2 c-clips with two tabs on each clip or by 4 c-clips with one tab per clip. AND if that isn't enough already... the pouch is also reversible! It can be hung with the fringes on the inside or the outside. Pictures simply don't do this pouch justice... Take my word though - you and your gliders will LOVE this pouch!

Happy Flappers in -4- Sizes

Happy Flapper Pouches are now available in 4 sizes!

The Snuggle Flapper holds 1-3 gliders comfortably

The Original Flapper holds 2-4 gliders comfortably 

The Colony Flapper holds 4-9 gliders comfortably

The Jumbo Flapper is for larger pets such as chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, prairie dogs, etc.  (This is a special order item. Please contact me via email at: SuzSugarGliders@gmail.com to order this size.) 

All 4 sizes are cage pouches. The Snuggle is great for smaller gliders, a smaller cage and also for travel cages. The Colony Flapper has a reinforced bottom so that a colony of gliders can cuddle up together without squashing each other. All 4 pouches can be reversed so that the fringe along the bottom edge of each flap is on the inside of the pouch instead of the outside - giving the added warmth and comfort of little built-in blankets.

Please note that if you order a particular print that is out of stock, I will try to obtain more of that print. However, if I can't, then I will notify you as quickly as possible so you can make another selection.

Snuggle Happy Flapper Pouch ~ $25 + S&H*
Original Happy Flapper Pouch ~ $30 + S&H*
Colony Happy Flapper Pouch ~   $40 + S&H*
Jumbo Happy Flapper Pouch ~   $50 + S&H*

Fleece Print Duos to Select From 

Please make your selection from the prints shown below. They are separated into categories for your convenience. When you place your order, make sure you specify the *name* of the Print Duo you would like your Happy Flapper Pouch to be made from. In all of the Print Duos, the print shown at the top is the one that is used for the outside of the pouch, unless you specify otherwise by notating "... Reverse" behind the name of the Print Duo when you submit your order. 

I do try to keep the selections updated but if I have run out of a specified print, when your order comes up in the queue, I will contact you to make another selection. 

Happy gliding!


Due to time constraints and fleece inventory control, I cannot mix & match prints. Please select from the Fleece Print Duos as shown.

It is difficult to maintain specific inventory levels of each print. Therefore, if I no longer have enough of the Print Duo you have selected, I will notify you and ask that you make an alternate selection. Thanks for your understanding. 

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Bugs & Butterflies


Assorted Critters


Out of Africa

Woodland Animals

Premade Happy Flappers are available in our Etsy store: 


Due to the sudden popularity of this pouch, please allow  at least 6-9 weeks for processing of your order.

I will make your pouch(es) as soon as I am able. I fill orders chronologically.

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