Glider Gallery

I love to photograph these engaging little critters. Their vibrancy & verve for life just exudes from them! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

All of the pictures throughout my site are protected by Copyright. Please do not "pirate" them for any reason. If you would like to use them in some way, please contact me via e-mail to request specific permission.


*Please note that all outdoor pictures are able to be taken because my gliders are very strongly bonded to me. Do not attempt to take your gliders outdoors unless:

  • you have a very strong bond with them
  • you have an area in your yard where it is wide open
  • there are no tall trees in or near your yard
  • you have another person with you to help keep an eye on them

Pika in  the Maple Tree

Pika in West Virginia


Coobah in the Crabapple Tree


Gizmo in our Backyard


Gizmo in the Rose of Sharon

Allira in a Dawn Redwood Tree

DaisyMae & Luna in the Cherry Tree

Pindari & Allira in Chapin Forest


Banjora in the Rose of Sharon

Joey Pictures


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