A Note about E-Collars

Sadly, there are occassions when an e-collar is needed to prevent your glider from causing further injury to itself. It is better to have at least one e-collar in your Glider Emergency Kit before it is actually needed. The instructions provided below are for the Shot-Glass Style E-Collar. Another option is to purchase a Satellite Style E-Collar.

How to Make a Shot-Glass Style E-Collar

For a printable version of these instructions, please Click Here! 

My Gizmo wearing an E-Collar after being neutered

Deep Appreciation is given to Jen Bailey (GC's Xfilefan) for these illustrated directions

Step 1:  Trace template onto clear plastic notebook cover, then cut out.






Step 2: 1 sheet Dr. Scholl's Molefoam: cut 2 strips ¼” along long edge.





Step 3: Remove one adhesive strip and stick one on top of another leaving one adhesive strip for later.





Step 4: Cut ¾” off of dual layer molefoam- remove backing and adhere to clear plastic as shown.





Step 5: 1 sheet Dr. Scholl's Moleskin- cut a strip 1-3/8” wide down length





Step 6: Cut slits ½” deep at ½ “ intervals down length





Step 7: Turn collar over, molefoam side down. Remove backing from moleskin. Affix uncut edge to collar- about ¼” of it




Step 8: From the middle of moleskin- wrap around over molefoam, maintaining contours. Trim excess moleskin from edge.




Step 9: Cut 1/2” strip from moleskin




Step 10: Remove backing and adhere over slitted mole skin.




Step 11: Cut 1 strip 1-3/4” long X 5/8” wide




Step 12: Remove backing and place on edge of collar




Step 13: Wrap around edge of collar




Step 14: Apply a small amount of duct tape, Fold a small amount of duct tape over to make a tab for easy removal.



These photos show the finished e-collar...

Click here for instructions on How to Put the E-Collar on Your Glider

Shot Glass-Style Template

E-Collar Template

Courtesy of Dawn & Bourbon from the Self-Mutilator Site


This template is for a shot-glass style E-Collar

For a true-to-size print out of this template, along with complete instructions on making an e-collar, please Click Here!

Putting E-Collar On

How to Put an E-Collar on Your Glider

Step 1: Cut a strip of duct tape about 1.5" wide, then fold 1/4" over and stick to itself, making a tab for easy removal. Set this piece aside (I stick just a bit of it to the edge of my kitchen counter). Then, cut another strip of duct tape about 1" wide, then fold 1/4" over and stick to itself. Set this piece aside also.




Step 2: Place 1.5" wide strip of duct tape along edge of E-Collar, as shown, keeping folded over tab exposed at unattached end.







Step 3: Having an assistant hold glider securely, wrap E-Collar around glider's neck, overlapping edges of collar, then stick the duct tape to the overlapped edge, rubbing down along duct tape to ensure secure attachment of tape.





Step 4: Attach 1" strip of duct tape to inside of collar about half-way down length, as shown, keeping folded over tab exposed at unattached end.






Step 5: Fold duct tape over and attach to outside of e-collar, rubbing down along duct tape to ensure secure attachment of tape.






Step 6: E-Collar should be snug, but not tight. Make sure that E-Collar isn't too tight by checking your glider's nose. If nose turns blue or purple within first two minutes of putting collar on, it is too tight and collar will need to be loosened.

If you feel your glider is sick, please seek immediate veterinary assistance. The information on this page and in the correlating articles is for general educational purposes and is not intended to replace proper vet care. Please do not try to self-diagnose or self-treat your glider.