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Wombaroo Sugar Glider Milk Replacer

Imported from Australia, Wombaroo Sugar Glider Milk Replacer has been formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of small marsupials. You can make it up one batch at a time, or you can mix the entire 250 grams with water, then freeze portions into ice cubes. However, if you decide to freeze it, do NOT place the Impact Colostrum Supplement into the formula until you are ready to serve each portion. Once frozen, the Impact loses its efficacy. 250 grams of Wombaroo Milk Replacer and 8 tsp. of Impact Colostrum Supplement will make enough Joey Formula to feed a rejected joey until it is completely weaned at 8 - 10 weeks out of pouch. One of the essential ingredients in making Joey Formula.  Also includes "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" brochure written by Suz.

Wombaroo Sugar Glider (Possum) Milk Replacer - 250 g.

(available with or without 8 tsp. Wombaroo Impact Colostrum Supplement)

without Impact - $17.95 New Low Price $15.95

with Impact - $21.95 New Low Price $19.95
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Impact Colostrum Supplement

Impact Colostrum Supplement is a very important ingredient in Joey Formula. Colostrum is a natural ingredient that marsupials produce during the entire time they are lactating - so the joey receives colostrum in its mother's milk until it is fully weaned. Therefore, when hand raising a joey, it is very important to include colostrum when mixing the Joey Formula. Impact Colostrum Supplement can be refrigerated, but can not be frozen or it will lose its efficacy.

Impact Colostrum Supplement ~ 16 grams (apx. 8 tsp.) @ $4.95 

Also includes "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" brochure written by Suz.

Wombaroo Shake-N-Make Nectar

Wombaroo Shake-N-Make Nectar can be used as part of the Australian Wombaroo Diet or for making Suz' Joey Formula -or- just as a delicious treat for your gliders. Shipped to you in the manufacturer's original packaging.
100g Bottle @ $9.95 + S&H

Exotic Nutrition's Pure Acacia Gum

In the wild, Sugar Gliders feed on the sap from Acacia trees. This Pure Acacia Gum is harvested from these trees, then processed into an easy-to-use powder form. Simply sprinkle the powder on your glider's fresh fruits, or mix with water to form a gum that your glider will thoroughly enjoy. Suz' Sugar Gliders offers a variety of Happy Glider Acacia Foraging Toys - be sure to check them out!

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