Pouch Pocket Shirts

Screen Printed Hoodies

Pouch Pocket Hoodies are screen printed with beautiful custom artwork by Nicole Manning, saying "Sugar Gliders = Pure Love". The Pouch Pocket is located *inside* the Hoody's front pocket which allows better ventilation for your gliders while keeping them warm and cozy. This also makes it easy to slip your hand inside the pocket and hold your gliders while they sleep inside their pouch with only one layer of fleece between you. Hoodies come in mens' sizes Medium to 3X in a variety of color choices. They do run "true to size". 

Hoodies are $50 for Medium to XL; 

$55 for 2X-3X, plus S&H. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time so that our seamstress can insert the pouch pocket.

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time so that our seamstress can insert the pouch pocket.
MEDIUM - $50 + S&H
MEDIUM - Select Color:

LARGE - $50 + S&H

LARGE - Select Color:

XLARGE - $50 + S&H

EXTRA LARGE - Select Color:

2X - $55 + S&H

2X - Select Color:

3X - $55 + S&H

3X - Select Color:

Embroidered Denim Shirts and Fleece Jackets

SOLD OUT - Sorry, no longer available
Reintroducing the Pouch Pocket Shirt - now available as a Denim Shirt or a Fleece Jacket. The new logo for the Denim Shirt and Fleece Jacket was designed by my husband based on a picture of my Coobah, who passed away on 7/14/2015 at 12 years oop.

Originally designed for men who wanted a way to carry their gliders in their shirt comfortably. New improvements to the pouch pocket design for the shirts include a mesh window on the shirt-side of the pouch, a zipper along the side instead of the top for easier access to your glider(s), the zipper is on the shirt-side of the pouch so that your skin won't be irritated by it or the pull-tab and the pouch pocket is anchored to the shirt front with hidden stitching.

Global Shipping & Handling Rate

International Orders

Base shipping rates for outside the U.S. are based upon the total weight of the order. 

Please note that there may be a surcharge for Global Shipping & Handling based upon the total shipping weight of your order. You will receive a separate e-mail from me once your order has been processed advising you if there is a Global S&H Surcharge (GSS), and an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal for the GSS. Your order will not be shipped until the GSS has been paid.

Please also note that any postage or customs fees due upon your package's arrival are your responsibility to pay. I make out the customs slips to hopefully avoid any surcharges at the recipient's end but I am not responsible for the fees if they do occur. By placing an order via Suz' Sugar Gliders, you are accepting the terms as outlined above. 

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