No Sew Accessories:

You can make these wonderful accessories for your gliders! All you need to know is how to use scissors and tie a knot (for some items, you also need to know how to braid or crochet).  For Step-by-Step Instructions, simply click on the picture of the item you want to make...

 No Sew Rept Gear

No Sew Pouch

No Sew Corner Hammock

No Sew Braided Rope 

(Can be used as carrying strap for No Sew Bonding Pouch - below -OR- can be made into a tightrope for your glider's cage)

No Sew Bonding Pouch

No Sew Cube

(designed by GC's khyricat)

No Sew Shelf Hammock

No Sew Mattress

(designed by GA & GC's TMarie)

No Sew Ring Toy

(designed by GC's TnR)


No Sew Trampoline

(designed by GC's glidrz5)


No Sew Cage Cover

(designed by GC's dancing)


No Sew Mesh Bridge


No Sew Mesh Shelf

(designed by GC's TnR)


Where to Purchase Materials Needed for These Projects

Many people inquire about where to find the various materials needed for making these No Sew Accessories. Listed below are some of the more common materials needed and where I have had success in purchasing them...

  • Swivel Clasp Hooks - JoAnn's, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Pat Catan's - usually found in the jewelry making "findings" section
  • Lanyard Hooks - JoAnn's, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Pat Catan's - usually found in the jewelry making "findings" section
  • Fleece fabric - JoAnn's, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, The Fleece Lady
  • Landware Cloth - Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's, Do It Best, local hardware stores - usually found in the gardening section near the hardware cloth
  • Plastic Chain - Rockport Roost, Lowe's, Home Depot
  • Pool Rings - This is a seasonal item at WalMart & Target (another option is to use the inner ring of a Plastic Embroidery Hoop - available at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Pat Catan's, most crafting stores)
  • Upholstery Rings - available at WalMart near the knitting needles

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