When MAKING No Sew pouches, it is VERY important that the two pieces of fleece be oriented so that the stretch of the bottom piece goes in the opposite direction of the top piece, by rotating the top piece 90 degrees before cutting the fringes. Doing so ensures that there is some give along all three edges so that if a glider does get caught in one of the holes, by wriggling, the opening should loosen up enough to prevent true entanglement.
By the same token, the fringes need to be cut at the specified 1/2" width. If cut wider, then the stretch and give of the junctures is inhibited.

Making Your Own No-Sew Pouch: Step-by-Step

1)  Materials Needed:

-2- 12" squares fleece

-1- pair sewing scissors (extra sharp)

-1- pair swivel clasps

2)  Lay fleece squares together with "right" sides facing out. *For better knotting, rotate top piece of fleece 90 degrees so that the fleece pieces are stretchy in opposite directions.

3)  Cut fringes along both sides and bottom through both layers of fleece. Each fringe should be about 1/2" wide x 3" long.

*NOTE* As you go around the corner from the side to the bottom & then back up the other side, you will eliminate a 3" square from each corner - simply throw it away or save to use as small blankies for your gliders.

4) Starting with the bottom, tie a double-knot into each pair of overlapping fringes.

5) Starting at bottom set of fringes, tie double-knots into each pair of overlapping fringes along each side EXCEPT the very top set.

6) Slide one swivel clasp onto top fringe on one side.


7) Tie double knot, knotting clasp into place. Repeat for other side.

8) Use swivel clasps to hang your completed No-Sew Pouch in your glider's cage!

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