No Sew Mattress Step-by-Step Instructions

With Many Thanks to Tonia B (GA & GC's TMarie) for this wonderful idea!

One of Tonia's gliders enjoys his No Sew Mattress inside his Chinchilla Hut Nesting Box.

Step 1: Materials Needed 

sharp, sewing scissors

assorted scraps of fleece

  • -2- pieces of fleece, cut 6" wider & longer than desired finished size of mattress
Step 2: Align -2- pieces of fleece together, then cut 3" squares off all 4 corners
Step 3: Cut 1/2" x 3" fringes along all -4- sides
Step 4: Using matched pairs of fringe, tie double-knots along -3- edges, leaving 4th edge "open"
Step 5: Pull unknotted end "open" to allow for stuffing inside of mattress
Step 6: Stuff inside of mattress with scraps of fleece until desired thickness/softness is achieved
Step 7: Using matched pairs of fringes, tie double-knots along 4th edge, closing the mattress. Place finished No Sew Mattress inside your glider's nesting box for a comfy bed!

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