No Sew Braided Rope:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Materials Needed:

    1/8th yard fleece

    -2- D-Rings -or- keyrings

    -1- pair sewing scissors (very sharp)

   -4- Lanyard hooks (optional for making fleece cage rope)

Step 1: Fold fleece in half, matching selvage edges together.

Step 2: Cut a 1” strip along length of fleece, starting at selvage edges.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 twice for a total of 3 strips of 1” wide fleece.

Step 4: Cut off selvage ends from 3 strips of fleece (about 1” from edge) and discard.

Step 5: Gather together one end from each strip of fleece, laying flat against each other.

Step 6: Tie triple-strand together about 3” from end.

Step 7: Slide one D-ring onto one 3” strand.

Step 8: Tie a double-knot around D-ring using 2 of the 3” strands.

Step 9: Braid 3 strands of fleece together until about 6” from opposite end.

Step 10: Tie knot to “finish” off end.

Step 11: Slip 2nd D-Ring onto one strand of “finished” end.

Step 12: Tie a double-knot around D-ring using 2 of the strands.

Step 13: Set aside No Sew Braided Rope to use as handle for No Sew Bonding Pouch.

Or, you could attach lanyard hooks to both D-rings and at two points along the length of the rope, then stretch the rope taut and attach to the bars of your glider's cage to use as a "tightrope".

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