No Sew Bonding Pouch:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Materials needed -

    -1- No Sew Braided Rope

    -1- No Sew Pouch

    -1- Cord Lock

    -1- Shoelace

    -1- Pair Sewing Scissors (very sharp)

Step 2: Separating top from bottom layer of pouch, carefully snip a small hole into top layer about 1” down from top edge and 1” over from side edge’s knots. (Hole should only be about ¼” long.)

Step 3: Continue to snip small holes across top layer, about 1” apart from each other, for a total of -4- holes across top layer. Turn pouch over and repeat on bottom layer (which should now be on the top).

Step 4: Starting with the hole that is just left of center on front of pouch, weave shoelace in and back out again.

Step 5: Insert end of shoelace into hole between two knots along edge of pouch at a level even with the snipped holes. (Should be 2nd hole down from top edge.)

Step 6: Continue to weave shoelace through holes around entire top of pouch - making sure to use hole between two knots along opposite edge of pouch as well.

Step 7: Pull ends of shoelace until even lengths extend from front of pouch, making sure to keep pouch laying flat. (You may have to rotate the shoelace through the holes a bit to do this.)

Step 8: Depressing top of cord stop, insert one end of shoelace through hole in cord stop, then pull through about 3” of the shoelace.

Step 9: Depressing top of cord stop again, insert other end of shoelace through hole in cord stop, then pull through to match up ends of shoelace.

Step 10: Depress top of cord stop & gently pull along shoelaces until cord stop is about 3” away from where shoelace enters the pouch.

Step 11: Attach swivel clasp from one side of pouch to one of the D-rings on the No Sew Braided Rope. Repeat for opposite side of pouch & end of Braided Rope.

Step 12: Insert glider into No Sew Bonding Pouch.

Step 13: Pull drawstring (shoelace) tight to close pouch opening, then depress cord stop & pull tight to pouch. Voila! You and your glider are ready to go!

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