Rejected Joey Supplies

The supplies on this page are meant for use in Hand Raising A Joey. Please thoroughly read about the indications of a joey being rejected and about how to hand raise a joey before you start breeding. Keeping the supplies on hand, in one place, ahead of time will help you be prepared so that you don't have to scramble for the necessary items in an emergency situation and could save your joey's life.

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How to Tide Your Joey Over Until Delivery

If you have a rejected joey and don't have any supplies on hand, go to the pet store and get puppy formula (any brand) and a small feeding bottle or feeding syringe set (usually in the cat section). You can use the puppy formula in the interim.

Once you receive your Joey Supplies, you will need to titrate the joey over to the Joey Formula to prevent bloating. To titrate, you will need to combine the two formulas as follows:

Day 1: Mix 75% puppy formula with 25% Joey Formula
Day 2: 50% puppy formula with 50% Joey Formula
Day 3: 25% puppy formula with 75% Joey Formula
Day 4+: 100% Joey Formula

Miracle Mini Nipple ~ $5 + S&H

Used by wildlife rehabilitators for small mammals, this nipple allows your joey to actually suckle when feeding. No more need to place a drop on their lips and teach them to lap. This nipple fits well on the end of both 1cc and 3cc syringes and eliminates the need for Feeding Tips entirely. If you try to order these from wildlife rehab sites, they cost as much as $9 per nipple.
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Joey Formula Combo

This Joey Formula Combo has all the ingredients you need to make Joey Formula PLUS it includes feeding syringes & tips (plus the Miracle Mini Nipple, if opted for).

Joey Formula Combo includes:
 Wombaroo Sugar Glider (Possum) Milk Replacer - 250 g. box
Wombaroo Shake-N-Make Nectar - 100 g. bottle
Impact Colostrum Supplement - 16 g.
(3) 1.0cc Feeding Syringes
(2) 3.0cc Feeding Syringes
(3) Feeding Tips (4cm x 2mm)
Joey Formula Recipe Card
"Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" Brochure
(and Miracle Mini Nipple, if opted for)

Joey Formula Combo without Miracle Mini Nipple:
$29.95 New Low Price! $27.95 + S&H 
Joey Formula Combo with Miracle Mini Nipple: $32.95  

Please note that the photo shows the Joey Formula Combo with Miracle Mini Nipple
Formula Combo Package:

Joey Feeding Kit

All the supplies needed for feeding a rejected joey.
Joey Feeding Kit includes:
  • Wombaroo Sugar Glider (Possum) Milk Replacer - 250g.
  • Impact Colostrum Supplement - 8 tsp.
  • Wombaroo Shake-N-Make Nectar - 100g.
  • 1.0cc Feeding Syringes - x3
  • Feeding Tips - x3
  • Tissues
  • Cottonelle Fresh Wipes
  • Cotton Swabs
  • 8" Fleece Blankets - x6
  • Vital Statistics Booklet (growth & feeding charts)
  • "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" Brochure

Joey Feeding Kit $49.95 New Low Price $47.95

Note: This kit no longer includes a pouch.  

Full Rejected Joey Kit

Almost everything you need to care for a rejected joey or a joey that needs to be supplement fed (see page about Hand Raising A Joey).
The Rejected Joey Kit includes:
  • Wombaroo® Sugar Glider (Possum) Milk Replacer - 250g.
  • Wombaroo® Impact Colostrum Supplement - 8 tsp.
  • Wombaroo® Shake'n'Make Nectar -     100 g.
  • 1.0cc Feeding Syringes & Tips - x3
  • Critter Keeper®/Incubator Tank - 10.4" Round x 5.5" High
  • Wireless Thermometer & Humidity Gauge
  • Heating Pad without Auto Shut-off
  • Q-tip® Cotton Swabs
  • Cottonelle® Fresh Wipes
  • Kleenex® Tissues
  • 2 oz. Sprayer Bottle
  • -2- Washcloths
  • Small "Scent Buddy" Octopus from Sushi Dragons
  • -6- Small Fleece Blankets - 8" square
  • -2- Large Fleece Blankets - 12" square
  • Vital Statistics Booklet (feeding & growth charts)
  • "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" Brochure

Instructions on incubator assembly can be found towards the bottom of the article on

Hand Raising A Joey.

Full Rejected Joey Kit  $112.95
Note: This kit no longer includes a pouch. 

Wombaroo Sugar Glider Milk Replacer

Imported from Australia, Wombaroo Sugar Glider Milk Replacer has been formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of small marsupials. You can make it up one batch at a time, or you can mix the entire 250 grams with water, then freeze portions into ice cubes. However, if you decide to freeze it, do NOT place the Impact Colostrum Supplement into the formula until you are ready to serve each portion. Once frozen, the Impact loses its efficacy. 250 grams of Wombaroo Milk Replacer and 8 tsp. of Impact Colostrum Supplement will make enough Joey Formula to feed a rejected joey until it is completely weaned at 8 - 10 weeks out of pouch.
One of the essential ingredients in making Joey Formula.

Wombaroo Sugar Glider (Possum) Milk Replacer - 250 g.

(available with or without 16 gram Wombaroo Impact Colostrum Supplement)

without Impact - $17.95 New Low Price $15.95

with Impact - $21.95 New Low Price $19.95

Also includes "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" brochure written by Suz.

Select Impact Option

Impact Colostrum Supplement

Impact Colostrum Supplement is an essential ingredient in Joey Formula. Colostrum is a natural ingredient that marsupials produce during the entire time they are lactating - so the joey receives colostrum in its mother's milk until it is fully weaned. Therefore, when hand raising a joey, it is very important to include colostrum when mixing the Joey Formula. Impact Colostrum Supplement can be refrigerated, but can not be frozen or it will lose its efficacy.

Impact Colostrum Supplement ~ 16 grams (apx. 8 tsp.) @ $4.95

Also includes "Quick Help for Rejected Joeys" brochure written by Suz.

Vital Statistics Booklet

Use this booklet to record your joey's vital statistics from the day it comes out of pouch until it is fully weaned. Charts inside allow you to track your joey's weights and, if hand raising, the feeding quantities. This information is vital for keeping track of your joey's health and progress.

Order one booklet per joey.

 Vital Statistics Booklet ~ $4.95

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