Jan. 17, 2017 - Because of a major backlog of orders, I will not be accepting any orders for pouches until I have been able to catch up.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Joey Bra Pouch ~ $15 + S&H

  • Wedge-shaped - so that it fits into your cleavage subtly but with plenty of room for your joey 
  • Zipper-closure - so that your joey can't escape
  • Inner-flap - so that you can protect your joey while zipping up the pouch - simply tuck the flap over your joey before zipping the pouch
  • Approximately 10" wide at the top, 5" wide at the bottom, 6" deep (size may vary a bit)
  • Mesh window 2"x4"
  • Contrast stitching used so that pulled threads can be noticed immediately - preventing potential injury to your joey
  • Machine washable and dryable on low heat setting
  • Several Fleece Options to choose from!
  • Use snap-tabs to attach pouch to your bra straps or tuck inside a sports bra
#1 Blue Water
Sold Out - Sorry
#3 Hot Pink Floral
#4 Pink Daisy
#5 Cupcake
#6 Art Deco Floral
#7 Aqua Zebra
#8 Aqua Floral
#9 Blue Daisy
#10 Pink Brocade

#11 Pink Ribbon

#12 Aqua Butterfly
When placing your order, please specify both the # and name of the fleece option you would like. If no option is specified, you will get a random selection.

Note: The mesh color is coordinated to the fleece and may not be as shown here.

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