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Happy Acacia Bangle Forager

The Happy Acacia Bangle Toy is designed for gliders that love to forage and are tail carriers, too. Mix acacia gum (1 oz. package included) according to directions, then use a toothpick or other small tool to insert gum into the throats of the acrylic flowers. Have fun watching your gliders forage, then reset the bangles onto the toy each morning. Hours of fun and stimulation for your gliders. You will enjoy hearing the tinkling bell, indicating that your gliders are using their toy.

Happy Acacia Bangle Forager Toy @ $19.95

*Bangles available in Green, Pink, Blue, Orange & Purple - as shown. When picking main colors, please keep these colors in mind.

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Happy Acacia Chandelier Forager

The Happy Acacia Chandelier Forager Toy is made especially for encouraging your sugar glider to forage for acacia gum (1 oz. packet included). Use a toothpick or other small tool to place acacia gum into the throats of the various acrylic flowers. Your glider will love finding it & you'll know your glider is foraging when you hear the tinkling bells. Multicolored toy colors are based on main cup color you choose.

Happy Acacia Chandelier Forager @ $21.95

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Photos of glider foraging for acacia gum used with permission from Jason P. Smith.

Happy Fiesta Toy

Inspired by a trip to New Mexico, where they ask if you want "Red, green or Christmas?" at every restaurant (referring to "Red chilis, green chilis or both?"), this toy has fun southwestern themed components. 3 cactus cups and 2 red chili-shaped bowls, plus red, green and gold glitter beads and happy tinkling bells make this toy fun for the gliders to play and forage with.

Happy Fiesta Toy @ $19.95

Basic Happy Foraging Toy

This basic foraging toy is sure to please you & your gliders. As with all Happy Glider Toys by Suz, you will hear the tinkling bell as your glider forages for the treats you place into the cups & flower. 

Basic Happy Foraging Toy @ $14.95

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